Our Book



I co-authored the book ‘Dialogic Education: Mastering core concepts through thinking together‘ with Professor Rupert Wegerif of Cambridge University; Rupert has an international reputation in the field of dialogic education.


book-coverIn Part 1 of the book we offer detailed ideas for creating a climate in which dialogue can flourish in the primary classroom, applying the 4Cs framework for developing effective dialogue.  In Part 2 we present a series of examples of how dialogic approaches can support children to master foundational concepts in different subject areas. We then look at some of the wider applications of dialogue in schools in Part 3.

You can see full details of the book and order a copy on the Routledge website.

Some of the resources from the book are available below in Word-format for you to edit. If you would like any other resources, or have any questions about the book, please contact me.


Downloads (Editable Form)

Resource 2A (The Ghost of Buckley Woods, story format)

Resource 2B (The Ghost of Buckley Woods Part 1, script format)

Resources 2C & D (Discussion in a Classroom Context)

Resource 2F (Cards for Talking Points exercise)

Resource 2G (The Ghost of Buckley Woods Part 2, script format)

Resource 2H (The Facts of the Case)

Appendix 6.1 (Forces Talk Task)

Appendix 12.1 (Galileo)