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Our children should get the best education we can provide. That places responsibility on us to engage with fundamental questions around what a good education is and what it is for.  21st Century Learners invites you to join the conversation, and offers you a choice of high quality pedagogical approaches that not only enhance children's capacity to gain qualification, but also increase their opportunities to explore their culture and to make unique contributions to their communities.

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21st Century Learners is committed to bringing schools a range of high quality pedagogical approaches to help them to achieve their aims.  Areas of specialism are Science, Philosophy for Children and the development of Peer Tutoring and Young Researchers and Evaluators programmes The development of Communities of Enquiry is central to our work. Learn more.



Consultancy and effective CPD is available in both primary and secondary settings.  The focus is on helping schools to develop a clear set of aims for science provision and to match these to high quality pedagogical approaches (both 'traditional' and 'progressive').  Areas of specialism include learning through dialogue and developing enquiry.  Learn more.



21st Century Learners is a provider of Sapere Accredited Level 1 training in Philosophy for Children, Colleges and Communities (P4C).  P4C helps children to develop personally and academically and can have a profound effect on teaching and learning. Taster sessions and support of classroom practice is also available.  Learn more.


UFA Staffordshire

21st Century Learners is proud to hold the contract to provide University of the First Age (UFA) programmes in Staffordshire and Cheshire.  Current areas of specialism are the development of Peer Tutoring and Young Researchers and Evaluators programmes.   Learn more.



Courses / Projects


The Future of Primary Science The Future of Primary Science

An opportunity to explore the proposed curriculum for primary science for 2014, and to consider its implications for your school.  Find out more.




Our Rehousing project involving drama and P4C

Drama-Based Enquiry

Learning for living - adventures in drama and P4C.  Find out more.





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P4C Level 1 Training

Get the experience you need to start using Philosophy for Children in the classroom.  This course is accredited by Sapere and allows progression to Levels 2 and 3. Find out more.





UFA Peer Tutoring

 A growing body of research evidence shows that Peer Tutoring is a high-impact, cost-effective intervention.  It provides an effective use of the Pupil Premium, and provides an opportunity for young people to make a genuine contribution to their schools.  Find out more.