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 Welcome to 21st Century Learners. I am Dr Neil Phillipson and I believe that dialogue is fundamental to education -  please do browse my blog posts to find out why. I have co-authored a book on Dialogic Education with Rupert Wegerif, Professor of Education at Cambridge University and I am a Sapere-registered trainer in Philosophy for Children (P4C). I also facilitate 'global dialogues' with Generation Global. On this site you can find details of the support I provide for schools in P4C and Dialogic Teaching


Sapere registered trainer logo21st Century Learners is a provider of Sapere approved  training in Philosophy for Children, Colleges and Communities (P4C).  P4C helps children to develop personally and academically and can have a profound effect on teaching and learning. It provides a great foundation for a Dialogic Education. Taster sessions and support of classroom practice are also available.  Learn more.


Dialogic Teaching


Dialogue is an essential medium for effective learning, but is also a profoundly important educational outcome in its own right. 21st Century Learners draws on research from a variety of internationally recognised experts to support schools to both teach through the medium of dialogue and teach for a better quality of dialgue Learn more.


Our Book


My book 'Dialogic Education: Mastering core concepts through thinking together' is published by Routledge. My co-author was Professor Rupert Wegerif of Exeter University - Rupert is a leading expert in the field of Dialogic Education. We offer detailed ideas for creating a climate in which dialogue can flourish in the primary classroom, along with examples of dialogue-based approaches to developing understanding of foundational concepts. Resources from the book can be downloaded here.

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