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21st Century Learners is the business of Neil Phillipson - that's me! I believe that dialogue is fundamental to education -  please do browse my blog posts to find out why. On this site you can find details of the support I provide for schools in three areas of Dialogic Education: Philosophy for Children (P4C), Dialogue-Based Learning (4Cs Dialogue) and Peer Tutoring.

Our Book


My book 'Dialogic Education: Mastering core concepts through thinking together' is published by Routledge. My co-author was Professor Rupert Wegerif of Exeter University - Rupert is a leading expert in the field of Dialogic Education. We offer detailed ideas for creating a climate in which dialogue can flourish in the primary classroom, along with examples of dialogue-based approaches to developing understanding of foundational concepts. Resources from the book can be downloaded here.


Sapere registered trainer logo21st Century Learners is a provider of Sapere validated Level 1 training in Philosophy for Children, Colleges and Communities (P4C).  P4C helps children to develop personally and academically and can have a profound effect on teaching and learning. It provides a great foundation for a Dialogic Education. Taster sessions and support of classroom practice are also available.  Learn more.


4Cs Dialogue

Dialogue is an essential medium for learning, but is also a profoundly important educational outcome in its own right. 21st Century Learners uses the 4Cs framework, based on the work of Professor Matthew Lipman, to support schools to develop and work towards a shared vision of quality dialogue and to apply this to a range of educational outcomes including the mastery of core concepts across the curriculum. Learn more.


Peer Tutoring

21st Century Learners is proud to be associated with the University of the First Age (UFA) and can provide Peer Tutoring programmes for primary and secondary schools.  UFA's programmes have been demonstrated to have a significant impact on learning over many years, and are a great way to allow children to make a valuable contribution to their school.   Learn more.



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